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Profile and Biography 

Award winning New Zealand Artist Colin Unkovich Specialises in original airbrushed art work inspired by the landscape, coast and people of New Zealand.

New Zealand artist Colin Unkovich welcomes you to his website. Based in Northland, Colin is an artist passionate about the art of Airbrushing and since 1970 has been committed to refining his craft.

His finely detailed contemporary Artworks often feature very smooth transitions of colour which give each of his works a unique feel and sense of mood. Airbrushing can be an incredibly slow and painstaking method of painting but it lends a unique quality to the subject matter. Colin is self taught and has developed many special techniques that allow him to highlight the interplay of light and shadow that can give a transient form or a fleeting glimpse, an almost sculptural quality. Colin draws his inspiration from the natural forms of New Zealand, particularly the coast and the unusual quality of light it possesses.

“I consider myself to be extremely fortunate in that I don’t have to look very far for inspiration or motivation for my work. My studio is nestled in the bush overlooking the Pacific Ocean and this alone provides me with an endless variety of nuances of light and colour. I sometimes think I am a bit spoiled for choice. The physical location of my studio also serves me in another way. It allows me to continue to develop my own particular style. We all tend to be effected by our surroundings and as an artist this often shows through in the end product. This is certainly true for me. Trying to capture the moods of our New Zealand coastline is, I find, a challenging and very pleasurable endeavour. I find that using the airbrush as my painting tool, lends a smooth, almost mellow quality. Airbrush painting is a less common artist's medium than some others, partly I think because it is so time intensive, but it is exactly this which makes the end result so special.


The way that I work is by using a series of many, many translucent layers of paint to get the particular shades of colour that I am seeking. I find that by painting in layers, rather than starting by mixing an exact colour, it gives the work a life and vibrancy - almost an inner glow, as light reflects and refracts differently off the different levels of colour. As I say, it is a slow process but I think it is well worth the effort."

Colin aims to create paintings which bring pleasure to the eye and give a true sense of the subject while sometimes leaving enough latitude for individual interpretation as to allow the brain to engage and finish the story.

Colin has been part of various gallery exhibitions in New Zealand and his paintings hang in collections in New Zealand, the UK, America, Asia and Europe. He was the winner of the 2013 Northland Art Awards for Painting and Winner of the people's choice award for the Gilmore Brown Kaipara 2013 Art Awards.

Quote from Gaye Carrothers – NZ Fine Art Services “We have represented Colin for four years now and I am constantly amazed at both Colin’s subject choices and the skill with which he creates his fine art paintings. In my view, Colin is the best airbrush painter in New Zealand and arguably one of the very best in the art world. Colin has a loyal following amongst our clientele and is a professional and highly regarded artist which I feel privileged to represent. “


 Selected Biography


Up and Coming Exhibitions

2021 Currently - Red Door Gallery Waipu


Currently Represented by:

2021 - Please contact Artist directly 

2021 Mangawhai Artists Gallery

2021- Red Door Gallery - Waipu


Selected Past Exhibitions

2021 - Mar -Exotic Creatures and Airbrushed Features -  Mangawhai Artist Gallery 

2019 Jan-March Resident artist at Exhibit A Art Gallery - Mangonui - Far North

2018 Dec - Art to go - Megan Dickinson Gallery - Whangarei

2017 Nov - Birthday exhibition -  Quirky Fox Gallery - Hawera

2017 Oct - Christmas Smalls - Parnell Gallery - Auckland

2016 June -  From Thin Air Encore - Solo Exhibition - Mangawhai Artist Gallery

2015  Aug - Parnell Gallery - Auckland

2014  June - Zeus Gallery Tauranga - Solo Exhibition - Encore from Thin Air

2013 Sept - The Kauri Museum - Matakohe (Winner of the People's Choice Award for the Gilmore Brown Kaipara District Art Awards)

2013 Feb -June 1-3 - From Thin Air - Solo Exhibition - Mangawhai Museum.

2013 Feb - Reyburn House Gallery - Whangarei (winning painting for Northland Art Awards)

2012 April  - North - Harrisons Gallery – Tauranga

2011 Sept -The Best of New Zealand - Harrisons Gallery – Tauranga

2011 June -Aotearoa – Our Land – (Lucid Landscapes) Joint Exhibition at Harrisons Gallery

2010 Dec - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star - Harrisons Gallery – Tauranga

2010 April - "South" - Harrisons Gallery – Tauranga

2010 Feb - National Portrait Gallery - Wellington - Finalist Adam Portrait Awards 2010

2009 Dec - My Favourite Things -Harrisons Gallery – Tauranga

2009 Oct - Parua Bay Gallery 5th Annual Exhibition

2009 July - Persistence and Perseverance - Harrisons Gallery – Tauranga

2008 Dec - It's a Small World - Harrisons Gallery – Tauranga

2008 Nov - Heartland - Harrisons Gallery – Tauranga

2008: Artworks Exhibition - The Hilton – Auckland

2008: Marine and Sea Inspired National Artworks - Harrisons – Tauranga

2008: The Art of Surfing - Estuary Arts Centre - Orewa – Auckland

2008: Pacifica - The Art Bungalow – Kerikeri

2007: Northern lights - Haven Art Gallery – Waipu

2007: Mazda Art Works Exhibition and Artist in Residence - The Hilton – Auckland

2007 New Zealand Affordable Arts – Wellington


Selected Media

New Zealand Artist Magazine (2017)

Awards Winner Article - Mangawhai Focus (2013)

Northland Art Awards Winner (2013)

Brown trout Calendar NZ Contemporary Art (2012)

Artist's Impressions of NZ Book – Denis Robinson (201 1)

Bay of Plenty Times - Lucid Landscapes (2011)

Weeds in the Garden of Eden Book - All illustrations (2011)

Dream Chaser Magazine – USA – Christmas Edition (2010)

New Zealand Gallery Book – Denis Robinson (2010)

Alfresco Magazine – (Feb 2010)


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